Prosedur Dan Peraturan Penting MATE 
1) There shall be a clause for arbitration references as recommended in any agreement. It can be in the form of an arbitration clause in an agreement or in the form of a separate agreement. The following recommend clauses are:
“The parties are hereby agreed if  any dispute or difference arises between the parties in this agreement whether present or future dispute, the parties are agreed to refer the matter to the arbitration of the Malaysian Arbitral Tribunal Establishment ( MATE ) for its final determination.
Or (in a separate form)
“We agree to refer our disputes or differences to the arbitration of the Malaysian Arbitral Tribunal Establishment ( MATE ) for the final determination”.
1) Any written agreement made by the parties indicating a clause to refer their present and future disputes to arbitration for final determination.
2) Any separate agreement made by the parties to the dispute or difference have arisen in a special form relating to the subject matter of the case.
3)  Any written notice of intention made by any party to another seeking arbitration process if served within a time limit of 14 days for its objection and such notice is non-compliance without undue delay, than the responding party shall be deemed to have waived its right to object.
4) Any notice served by the Arbitrator duly appointed by the Establishment for  the purpose of intervention in the dispute which is arises between the parties, shall if within a period of time fixed by him is not responded , than the notice shall deemed to have effect and the responding party is bound to any acts done by the Arbitrator.
5) Section (9) of the act shall apply to these Rules in whole or in part wherever practicable.


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